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Welcome to Coastal Smiles Newport Beach

Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach? Welcome to the office of Dr. Daniele Green, DDS.

Dr Daniele Green, DDS is a well known and experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach. She has been a leader in cosmetic dentistry for nearly 10 years, working with many of OC’s elite and celebrities over that time. Dr. Daniele Green’s passion is to provide you with a absolutly beautiful smile and if you already have a smile that you are absolutely proud of then she will partner with you to maintain your smile so it stays beautiful for the rest of your life.

To book an appointment with Dr. Daniele Green, DDS, call the Coastal Smiles Newport Beach main office located at 1401 Avocado Ave, Suite 502, Newport Beach, CA. 92660 any time on Monday through Friday at 949-640-9554. Β On weekends, if you are experiencing a tooth ache or tooth fracture, please call the weekend line at 949-229-0475

Prevention is one of the pillars of my practice philosophy. I always feel so bummed when I see dental destruction that could have been prevented by the regular use of a night guard. In this case the upper porcelain crowns have severely abraded the lower teeth causing dental sensitivity and an aged smile.
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Cheers to @nikos_ephland_official for completing his Invisalign journey with me!
I love this technology and as I have been a patient of Invisalign myself I can tell you that the quality of life with clear aligners is exponentially better than traditional braces.
If you have questions, DM me.

#newportbeach #invisalign #clearbraces #smile #smiledesign #teenmodel #orangecounty #straightteeth

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If you are new here, nice to meet you.
I am a smile creator in Newport Beach, California.
I went into dentistry 22 years ago with the purpose of helping people people by taking them out of pain. Half way through that first dental degree I fell in love with the ability to restore a patient’s self esteem through rebuilding the smile.
And, two decades later, I am still all in.
It hasn’t been easy but it certainly has been worth it.
#gettoknowme #dentist #orangecounty #newportbeach

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Here is a view of yesterday’s veneer case immediately after bonding the restorations. Great case by master ceramist @hunzickerj . The gums will heal.
#smile #confidence #makeover #design #newportbeach #lagunabeach #orangecounty

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This case was one of the highlights of my week. This is the reason I went into dentistry: to help people.
This is a photo of the temporary bridge and I cannot wait for the final results. In a couple weeks I will deliver her full porcelain permanent bridge.
Happy Saturday.
#newportbeach #design #thisiswhatido #aesthetics #beauty #restoration #porcelain #orangecounty #smile

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Dreaming about going back to Venice. The food, the people, the language, the wine...Such a special city. #tbt
What places are you dreaming of?

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Come learn with me about the importance of having a prototype of the restoration prior to performing irreversible modifications to the smile.
Planning the treatment for each individual is the key to predictable results.
Planning = Control of Outcome

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No captions needed. ...

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#tbt to the day that I became a business owner and took charge of my destiny. This was one of the happiest and scariest days of my existence. The trials have been immense and so have the rewards.
Life starts where the dream crushes the fears.
#boss #sheearnedit #ownership #destiny #enterpreneur #takecareofyourself #control #newportbeach #fashionisland #cdm

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Here is how to avoid sensitivity during your home teeth whitening process. Don’t dread it. Just prep for it πŸ˜‰ ...

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Since becoming a business owner, Sundays turned out to be an important day for recharging, planning and preparing for the week ahead.
I chose carefully whom I spend my Sundays with and what kind of content I read and watch. When Monday arrives it’s showtime and my team and patients deserve peak performance. #happysunday

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Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world! Babe, I am so blessed to have you as a husband, partner and best friend. Thank you for being you. ...

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In my own life I have had my fair share of naysayers. I order to achieve what I was meant to, I had to learn to disbelieve so many β€œwell meaning”
Know what is it you want from life. Always.

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Refreshing the smile by replacing 25 year old crowns with new all porcelain ones.
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Happy International Women’s Day 🌸
May we have the strength to work every day on the woman we want to be.
May we be compassionate with one another. And may we be proud of each other.


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Here is a compilation of some of my favorite in office teeth whitening cases. I often get asked if teeth whitening is damaging to the enamel and the answer is no because the peroxide used in the process cleaves the pigment molecules and not the mineral structure of the enamel and dentin. And I always recommend for this procedure to be done right after a professional dental cleaning for even more powerful results.
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Where I would like to be going right now. Despite all the problems, Rio remains one of the most beautiful and iconic coastal cities of the world. The city is nicknamed by all Brazilians as β€œCidade Maravilhosa β€œ which means wonder city. Only by being there one can truly understand why it was given this nickname.
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Dr Green is simply AMAZING! She's an exceptional professional and a lovely person! She's very patient and extremely caring! She's very good at explaining all the procedures and she's also extremely honest! (It's really hard to find a professional that you can trust on). I recommend her to everybody.

Luciana C.

Dr. Green is a star! She helped me with a nightguard when no one else would. I have serious TMJ issues and she stuck with me and it’s made such a difference. She is professional, smart and kind. I highly recommend her and her lovely office staff.

Welford C.

Can it actually be a pleasure to go to the dentist? With Dr. Daniele Green at Coastal Smiles, I say "Yes!" She hits five stars for me on all the important stuff: great chair-side manners, empathetic, she is completely present in her work, pain management is state of the art. Her dentistry is a perfect combination of science an art. She's done crowns for me (with excellent results), fillings, composite work, and is open to figuring out how to fix something without first going to an expensive solution. On top of all that, she is just someone you end up liking. Her office is well run. They take extraordinary care to keep patients safe in the Covid environment. If you're looking for a dentist you can trust, trust Dr. Green.

Patrico G.

My family has health conditions that made us cautious about going to the dentist during COVID-19. But Dr. Green and her staff reassured us of the high level of precautions they take...and they exceeded our expectations! We're so glad we recently came. Everyone at this office truly cares about us (as people, not just "as teeth"). Dr. Green will tell you if a treatment can wait, but she'll also let you know when a dental issue needs immediate attention and what your options are. I have β€œchallenging” teeth with sensitivity and crowns so I greatly appreciate her experienced hand and meticulous eye for routine and cosmetic dental care. I trust her 100%.

Almon M.

This facility went above and beyond to make sure their office is very well sanitized. With the combination of medical grade air purifiers in every room, hand sanitizer, gargling with peroxide mixture mouthwash and ppe they were exceptional! Besides the cleanliness, the staff is extremely courteous and personal to every patient. I always leave feeling completely satisfied with their thorough cleaning and exams.

Martin Z.

Dr Green is one of the kindest most caring dentists you will find. She is also highly knowledgeable and skilled and identified an issue that another dentist missed and saved my tooth. She and her wonderful assistant Carla go above and beyond making you feel comfortable and safe especially during COVID times. They are utilizing many safe practices including extra air purifiers. I highly recommend Dr Green and this office for your dental care.

Beighle J.

They respect my desire to remain healthy but to not push β€œextra” services. That’s hard to find these days. Too many times, in too many offices β€œpreventative” work was recommended when I later learned it was unnecessary. I find the staff super friendly, including the new owner, Dr Green. She takes time to inquire about the patient, not just about the teeth. Impressive! ..

Sellers J.

Dr. Green is a super dentist and an extremely nice person. All of her staff are kind and care about rendering quality and professional service. I finally found my dentist!

De Vries J.

I highly recommend, thanks Dr. Green and the whole team for a amazing job done and a such great place. Definately best dentist ever. I have felt at home.


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