Comfort Therapy

Often times dental appointments can lead to anxiety and stress due to either childhood experiences or stories that you may have heard. At Coastal Smiles we try to make you feel at ease during your dental appointments, so we have taken several measures to ensure this. Our measures include:


This method is used to reduce anxiety, stress, worry, fear and panic attacks. Through the use of the diffuser with essential oils of your choice, aroma therapy induces relaxation to provide an enjoyable experience.

Comfort Blankets and Pillows

We provide comfortable pillows and blankets to make you feel at ease in our dental chair.


A major part of dental anxiety is caused by dental instruments such as drills. We have headphones for our patients to use during their procedures and allow patients to listen to music or podcasts of their choice. This allows our patients to get lost and ease their anxiety of the dentist.

Scented Warm Towel

We have scented towels to be used after procedures if a patient prefers. These towels provide a warm sense of comfort and ease.

Ocean View

We are located in the beautiful Newport Beach, CA, and the most relaxing therapy that we can provide is our amazing ocean view. From the dental chair, you can observe our local surfers, sailboats and marine life.